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It's FRIDAY! For some reason I am super excited! Not that my plans include anything over the top exciting but I will be a happy girl to relax and be productive, hopefully, this weekend ;) It's Mother's Day weekend and for all you mom's out there I wish you a weekend full of fun, laughter and love as you enjoy your families! For those of you looking for a quick, inexpensive and sure to please gift swing by Sophie & Trey to find these NEW fabulous color statement necklaces ONLY $12.99!!!! What girl doesn't love a piece of jewelry for Mother's Day, rather any day?!?!

These beautiful bold and bright summer pastel necklaces are sure to put a smile on anyone! You can't go wrong! Available in pink, yellow, blue and tangerine this is definitely a must have item! It's simple yet such a statement.

We've all seen the pictures on Pinterest like the ones below....

Wear a statement as your main piece. This is why it is called statement. It should be the focal point of your look. Whether you have an outfit made of solids or with a print top/dress, both looks will be enhanced by the necklace.

In the picture above it is paired with a striped tee which I love! Don't be too matchy matchy with this. Wear an opposite color of what's in the tee. Go bold with yellow or soft with pink! Complement the two colors and this will make your necklace and neckline pop!
A classic look here! Never fail. Wear solids. A solid maxi or a solid tee with matching colored bottoms will go a long way. Use the necklace to be the center of attention! It will have all eyes on you and where they should be....looking up at your face and neck! This is such a fun and effortless chic summer look!
With ease these necklaces can change the mood and feel of any look. It's the only thing you need to take drab to fab! Just a clip away this necklace brightens and warms your ensemble!

Grab these necklaces while they're still in Sophie & Trey! Hot on the floor at 10am this morning! It makes a perfect Mother's Day gift. This is something so easy that anyone can pull off this look and seem like they know exactly what they're doing! ;) lol

Enjoy your weekend loves!
Love, Dani