What to Wear to a Wedding

Morning dolls! Hope no one is having a case of the Mondays. I have been in a funk for a few days now and just hoping today starts my week off in a different direction! New day, new week, new attitude and a new beginning this morning ;) It always makes me happy to start my day off with you all chatting on life and style! 

Hope you all had a good weekend! Mine was so/so (as I said before...funk. Not sure why.) I did however attend a friend's wedding Saturday night. I was so sad to miss out on the Clean the World Event that was at the store! Hope most of you made it out to donate some soap! Check out Kelly's blog and the pictures on yesterday's blog - CLICK HERE TO SEE!!!!! I was bummed but it looks like a good night. From what I hear it was a success and a night full of soap! Thanks to all who donated! It's amazing what and how they use soap to make such a difference! 

Even though I wasn't able to attend I was there in spirit and representing Sophie & Trey somewhere else! I of course dressed to impress for the wedding in head to toe Sophie & Trey. I dawned the NEW raspberry, slit-sheer sleeved classic dress! It's gorgeous! This dress is sexy and sophisticated. I never usually go for the dresses or tops that have slit's down the sleeves but this dress sold me on the trend! I love it! I felt very Audrey Hepburn meets Jackie O. with the Prada inspired sunglasses and beaded crystal chandelier earrings that combined topped my look off to a 10! The back (picture below, don't you worry. Ha.) is simple, sexy and not what you would think! I loved walking up to people and chatting then turning to walk away and giving them a surprise they didn't even know was coming! ;)

Prada inspired Sunnies $9.99 Sophie&Trey 
Beaded/Crystal Chandelier Earrings $19.99 Sophie&Trey
 Raspberry Classic Dress(also available in black) $49.99 Sophie&Trey
 Alexander McQueen Inspired Knuckle Duster Clutch - $39.99 Sophie&Trey
Vintage Black Open Toe Stilettos $34.99 Sophie&Trey

Left - Me & my friend, Abbey (she is wearing a vintage S&T dress paired with S&T color block brown & creme wedges)

Middle - Back view of the dress. I love this because it's sexy and unexpected! PLUS you CAN wear a normal bra ;) Made my night. Hahaha! 

Right - Me and my love, Matt. He hates this picture but I'm using it anyways because I think he's sexy ;)

The wedding was stunning and the bride looked straight from a Vogue magazine! I love attending weddings and not only seeing the fabulous wedding dress/decor and themes but also the attendees attire! So below is some advice to make sure you are always on point and in style for a wedding!


Do not wear white. (This should be a given.)
Day weddings require a short dress.
Your garment should not be too short or provocative. 
You can wear a long dress to an evening wedding, especially if there is a black tie reception or opt for a cocktail dress if it's more casual than black tie.
 Do not dress too extravagantly. 
Keep in mind location - If it is in a church dress appropriately and be respectful.
Do not overdressed or take the attention away from the bride. 
Keep in mind that it's her day, so go formal - elegant and stylish.
You should always wear comfortable high heels to weddings. Indoors - wear stilettos. Outdoors - wedges.
Accessorize with a clutch or a small purse. 
Wear elegant and feminine jewelry.

All good rules of thumb to follow ;) It is wedding season so next time you have one to attend stop in and let us style you! Also graduation is around the corner for some of you and whether you are the graduate or a proud parent attending take some of these rules and apply them! And remember if you have any questions or just not sure what to wear LET US HELP! We love making you look and feel stylish! Especially for big milestones!
Wishing you a sensational Monday!!! Much love!

Love, Dani