DIY: Ombre Denim

Hi Loves! Happy Monday! 
One of the most fun trends I've been dying to try is the Ombre Denim! So this weekend I grabbed a bottle of clorox, an old pair of jeans, and my denim shirt and went for it! Here is how I did it and how it turned out! It was so fun and easy, you just need to try this carefully because you are experimenting with bleach!

What you need:
1 Bottle of Bleach(not the color safe kind)
2 buckets (One to soak in bleach and one to rinse bleach out)
Plastic Gloves (Protect your hands when you are putting the denim in the bleach)
White Vinegar (Put a little in the water you'll be rinsing the denim out in to stop the bleaching process)
Water (To rinse denim off at the end)
Denim Shorts(I used an old pair of vintage S&T jeans and cut them off to make shorts)
Denim Shirt(I used a vintage 4th&Ocean denim shirt)
Soak the denim in the bucket for 15 minutes. Place the denim in the bleach about 2 inches below where you want the ombre to be. The bleach will run up about 2 inches from where it is being soaked! Don't let the denim soak for any longer than 10-15 minutes, because the bleach will eat at the fabric and create holes if it sits to long!
Pull the items out of the bucket after they have soaked then dunk them in the bucket with water and vinegar(use your gloves for this part). Rinse them off well, and then hang them up to dry off. After they have hung for a little bit, wash them before you wear them!
... and here are the final products!
Black & Leopard Sheer Button Up ($29.99 S&T)
Headband ($12.99 S&T)
Bleach Ombre Shorts (Vintage S&T Jeans cut into shorts and bleached)
Black Pumps with Studs ($32.99 S&T)

Denim Shirt(4th&Ocean and hand bleached)
Neon Pink Cut Off Shorts ($39.99 S&T)
Belt ($16.99 S&T)
Beaded Tribal Sandals ($34.99 4th&Ocean)
Neon Yellow Watch ($19.99 S&T)
Stone Necklace ($22.99 S&T)
Universal Monogram Necklace ($49.99 4th&Ocean)
Sunglasses ($9.99 S&T)