It's What's on the Inside that Counts

1. Black eyeliner to fix any accidental smudges: $1.99
2. Brush to darken eye shadow in a pinch: $1.99
3. Coral Gloss for smooch-able lips: $1.99
4. Fuchsia Lip shimmer to add depth: $1.99
5. Fuchsia polish for on-the-go-touch-ups: $2.99
6. Shadow palette for the perfect smoky eye: $1.99
7. Black pocket-filled wallet to make sure your VIP card is always safe: $18.99
8. Sophie & Trey/4th & Ocean VIP card: Yours with a purchase of $30 or more!
9. The Functional and Fabulous White studded fringe tote: $59.99
10. Mineral powder to eliminate unwanted shine: $4.99
11. Powder brush to apply mineral powder: $2.99
12. White + Gold aviators to shade you from the Florida sun: $9.99
13. Spotted: A Leopard iPhone case: $19.99
14. Gold roll-up flats for a rest from stilettos: $14.99
15. Colorblocked classic pouch to easily access all your makeup at once: $19.99
1. Go ahead and let the cat out of your bag... get the Leopard iPhone case: $19.99
2. Raspberry Red Lipstick for glamourous lips: $1.99
3. Fashion tape for any surprise slip-ups: $4.99
4. Gold studded knuckle duster clutch for a special night out: $29.99
5. Raspberry Red Lip Shimmer to add pizazz: $1.99
6. Black Liquid Liner to perfect your cat-eye look: $4.99
7. Black beaded headband to stylishly tame any fly-aways: $12.99 

What's in your bag? Pick up any of these chic necessities today at Sophie & Trey to ensure that you're always prepared and always primped!

Stay stylish,