S&T Socialite : Kim Rowley

Morning dolls!!! I'm excited to introduce you to one of my favorite face's to see walking into the stores! Kim is a doll! She is super nice, kind, genuine and all around awesome lady! She is our featured socialite this month!!! LOVE HER! She just went back to London (where she's from) and I told her she must take pictures and track her S&T international looks!!! Kim looked AH-mazing I must say and I love her interview!!! I asked Kim the same questions as our other VIP's and here's her answers...
{ This pic is of me in my Favorite S & T dress...I wore it even to my bridal shower last year! }
Introduce yourself to our bloggers:

I am Kim Rowley-Powers. I moved here from London, UK 8 years ago. I moved because I wanted a change in life-style after having my two children. I am definitely a risk taker…. I bought a Hair Salon in Altamonte Springs (Hair Systems) without even viewing it. Life has completely changed for me from being an Accountant for 17 years for Reuters Ltd to owning my own business. I have been blessed with having some great friends here in Orlando; the best team of Stylists and staff and a Loyal Clientele.

Tell us 3 random facts about you:

- I have 2 children, Jade 12 and Oliver 9
- My husband is Craig Powers and I married him last year in Oct 2011, here in Florida.
- As all my family is in London, my second family are my friends and Staff at Hair Systems. Without their support, I think I would have gone back to London especially experiencing 4 hurricanes in my first year here!
{ Pic of me and my hubbie...in my vintage S & T sweater dress }

  1. How would you describe your style?
I would say sexy sophistication, particularly for the evenings. I love dresses and heels – a must for me, being only 5 ft. tall. During the day, I love to wear fun summer dresses or legging & jeans with a cute top, but I try to stay elegant at all times.

  1. Who is your favorite runway designer?
Valentino for his great style, colors & eye-catching details, but I also love Chanel for elegance. Louis Vuitton for purses. Jimmy Choo for shoes.

  1. What’s the one essential item you couldn’t live without?
My IPhone that’s for sure. It has all my personal and business phone numbers in it; my calendar and access to all my emails; plus photos of my family and friends. It’s funny how we rely so much on technology. I used to remember a list of phone numbers, but not anymore!
{ I even wore S & T/ 4th & Ocean on the flight to London. My fav necklace and new favorite denim jacket. }

  1. Which store best suits your personality? Sophie & Trey or 4th & Ocean?
I would say that Sophie and Trey best suits my personality, as I am able to buy more dresses there for day and evening wear. However I do love 4th and Ocean for basic T-shirts; cardigans; shorts and my new favorite REUSE denim jacket (pictured above). I recently went home to London and it was an essential item in my wardrobe.

  1. How long have you been shopping at Sophie & Trey?
I have been shopping at Sophie and Trey for the last two years. My friends Carol and Valerie told me about this little boutique that was in Lake Mary. I had to go and check it out; they know I love to shop. Plus it reminded me of the small unique boutiques that we have in London.

  1. How many times a week do you stop in the stores?
At least once a week to check what is new, but I have been known to visit the stores 3 times a week…to my husband’s dismay!!! Plus if I like an item on Facebook, a simple phone call ensures that the item is guaranteed for me!!!

  1. What do you like most about Sophie & Trey?
I love the staff at both stores. They are all so friendly; personable and very helpful and attentive. They all know my style now and are able to suggest outfits and are fantastic in helping me chose for a particular event. I also love the fact that both stores always have new pieces coming in on a daily basis.

  1. What’s one thing you would change if you ran the stores?
I personally think both stores are run perfectly. The only thing I would like is to have more size smalls and mediums of everything, but I totally understand why they don’t carry a large number of everything. That way you feel special and unique and know that someone else won’t be wearing the same outfit as you at an event.

    { Full length pic of the dress at my shower . }
  1. What’s your favorite purchase you’ve bought from one of the stores?
My favorite purchase has to be my fuchsia pink one shoulder dress (See Pic above). I loved it so much, that I got it in teal. I have worn the dress on many occasions and get so many compliments. I love it so much, that I even wore it for my bridal shower (even though I had bought something new for the occasion). The color and vibrancy makes me stand out.

  1. Why do you prefer shopping at Sophie & Trey and 4th & Ocean?
I love shopping at S & T and 4th and Ocean because you always receive a warm welcome from all the staff and it’s close to home, plus I love the fact that they have forever new merchandise in the stores. I also love their on-line websites plus Facebook pages for up to date fashion ideas.

  1. What’s your favorite event we’ve done so far you’ve attended?
I loved the Spring 2012 fashion show. We could see the models on the runway outside the shops and then go & make our immediate purchase. But I have to say that Dani’s skinny margaritas were outstanding at the Beach Party!!!

  1. Any ideas or suggestions for events, sales, window decorations, etc. that you think would be beneficial for the stores?
Perhaps offering a discount for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day – 10% percent off on all red items; discount for green items for St. Patrick’s Day; orange/brown for Thanksgiving etc. But I generally think the stores window decorations; events; sales are all being managed fantastically.

  1. What is your go to outfit?
For the week, and especially when I want something to brighten up my day would be my orange and white vintage spotted S & T dress. It’s vibrant and cheerful. For the weekend, I love my sunflower blouse that goes well with shorts or jeans. I also live in my high waisted leopard print shorts from 4th & Ocean, with a t-shirt. I loved the shorts so much, that I got them in the brown and grey.

  1. What are the 3 most worn items in your closet?
My vintage black one shouldered dress with patterns of feathers on it. Love the fact I can wear it here in the winter with boots; or in the summer with sandals or heels.
Secondly, my black and silver statement necklace from S & T. Rachel had it on and I wanted it so badly, that she took it off and sold it to me. I love it and every time I wear it, it gets noticed and I am always telling people where I got it from.
Thirdly, my new 4th & Ocean natural wedge heels. I love them; as well as making me taller, they go so well with dresses or shorts.

  1. What trend for 2012 are you most excited about?
I love the Hi-Low dresses. Being petite I feel they are perfect for me. They don’t drown me like a full length maxi dress would do.
I also love all the skinny jeans in different vibrant colors. Great for mix and match with other colors and they are so much fun.

    { Love my bright yellow dress that Dani told me to try on...perfect match with my 4th & Ocean wedges. }
  1. Favorite season and why?
My favorite season would have to be Spring. I love the feel of getting rid of long sleeves and bearing more skin. I love dresses and all the pastel and vibrant colors associated with spring collections. Coming from England, I love the sun here and being able to wear all the wonderful colors associated with Florida. I was an accountant for 17 years wearing stuffy suits and boring colors. Now I can pretty much wear anything to work, within reason!!!

  1. Favorite spring color?
My favorite spring color for this year has to be Coral – am obsessed with it. It’s vibrant and pretty much goes well with all skin tones. I can wear my skinny jeans with a coral shirt and it brightens up the whole outfit. As a Nail technician, I love all the coral shades of nail polishes.
{ S & T dress ; sunglasses and purse on the London Tube (Subway) system }

  1. What are your beach basics?
My beach basics has to be a strapless bikini or swimsuit (No bikini lines!!!); a floppy sun hat: a cover-up dress; Flip flops: sun screen and a good book.
Am looking forward to going to the beach next weekend to show off my 4Th & Ocean purple swimsuit with rhinestones and cover-up.

  1. Who is your fashion icon or celebrity you look to for style tips and inspiration?
Charlize Theron…she always looks so sophisticated and great in any color. Coming from England, I also love the style of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. More commonly known as Kate Middleton. She always looks so sophisticated and loved her nude dress; shoes and purse that she had on for the Jubilee celebrations.

  1. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Ok this question is embarrassing. I must own over 100 pairs in every color possible and every style. Some have never ever been worn. I have a shoe fetish. However many pounds you put on or take off, your shoes are always going to fit!!!

  1. Beauty must have?
My face cleanser. After a day at work; out for the night; at the beach…I love to wash all that grim off and have fresh renewed skin. During the day, it has to be my Lancôme Mascara.
{ Outside a restaurant in London. Freezing cold but I was determined to dress up. }

  1. What do you pack for a weekend getaway?
At least two pairs of shoes; one flats for comfort and walking around during the day and Heels for the evening. Couple pair of shorts and jeans with shirts that I can mix and match with. One cute evening dress and matching accessories is a must.

  1. What decade inspires your wardrobe?
My wardrobe is inspired from various decades. I love the lace of the 20’s and can’t wait to wear my recent cream lace dress. I love the 50’s for fitted waists and full skirts. The 60’s for tight jeans and blouses.

    { Love this floral dress! }
  1. If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?
To wear what you feel comfortable in. Take your time and chose an outfit that suits your personality. Another important advice would be to wear comfortable shoes to an event. If you’re standing around, you don’t want to be miserable in shoes that are not comfortable. These days, there are great heels out there, with the platform sole. Love them.

  1. Random: What’s your most embarrassing moment? Or your favorite dessert?
My recent embarrassing moment was last year at my bachelorette party. I was wearing my teal S & T dress and was given a Pink Tiara to wear for the night. Everyone at the restaurant told me I looked beautiful and I felt like a Princess for the night with my Tiara on. Well at the end of the night, when I removed it, I was mortified to find that the Tiara had ornaments on it (Can’t mention what type here!). But it was all in good fun and we were all laughing hard about it.

My favorite dessert would have to be a red velvet cake made by my good friend Carol. It’s super moist and beats any shop bought cake anywhere!

{ Dinner in London }
{ A mall in London, decked out for the Queen's jubilee. }
{ At the Princess Diana's memorial park. }
Thank you Kim for your inside look at not only the awesome & stylish woman you are but for your honest answers and look into your life! 
Check out tomorrow's blog. There will be another sneak appearance by Kim ;) 

Enjoy your Wednesday!!! Friday is just around the corner and remember to start your weekend early with our 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!!!!!!!


Love, Dani