Sophie & Trey Goes International!

Hi dolls! It feels great to be back!
Just recently I spent 9 days in Europe visiting my sister who lives in Switzerland. So, I thought I would write about my travel destinations and of course, my Sophie & Trey/4th & Ocean outfits that came with me!

My first destination was visiting my sister in Zurich, Switzerland. After an 8 hour flight out of the JFK airport in New York I finally arrived! It was depressingly rainy and cold there which didn't go well with all the shorts and dresses that I was told to pack. But, that didn't stop me from putting together my 4th & Ocean denim skinny jeans and my 4th&ocean Sage Knit Top with my vintage sophie&trey flats.To keep myself warm I wore a vintage Sophie & Trey jacket.
 After a nice long nap and some delicious swiss food my sister, her boyfriend, and I took a stroll through the streets of Zurich. Even though it was raining, this place was absolutely gorgeous.

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-Sage Knit Top $28.99
-denim skinny jeans at 4th&ocean $64.00
-Linen Double Breasted Jacket $48.00 (Vintage S&T Jacket Pictured)
-sophie&trey tan studded ballet flats $24.99

My next destination was Monte Carlo, Monaco. By the time my sister and I flew into Monaco, it was already getting dark and all the shops were closed. So, we decided to find our hotel and then grab a bite to eat. We found a cute little Italian place just down the street from our hotel and let me tell you, the food was far beyond little! Both my sister and I got our own separate pizzas but had no idea they were going to be as big as our table! Luckily the weather was warm so we got to sit outside. And since the weather was so nice, I wore my Sophie & Trey tangerine sundress and my vintage 4th & Ocean crochet sweater with my vintage Sophie & Trey flats.

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-Sophie & Trey tangerine dress with braided straps $29.99

-4th & Ocean loafers $19.99
-Knit Cardigan With Fringe $39.99

Similar look
-Bright And Bold High Low Dress $32.99
-4th&ocean crochet flats $45.00

The next day we decided to extend our travels from Monaco to France, taking a short 20 minute train ride to Nice (pronounced "niece"). I absolutely loved this city. The shopping was to die for (but nothing that compares to Sophie & Trey/4th & Ocean shopping!) and the food was amazing! It was another gorgeous warm day out so I decided to go more 'boho' with my 4th & Ocean royal blue maxi. I love this maxi! I was perfect for walking up and down the streets of Nice. 

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-4th & Ocean strapless royal blue maxi $29.99

As the day was winding down we decided to walk back to the train station and head back to Monte Carlo. Fortunately we still had one more day there so we went to bed early that night. The next day was absolutely gorgeous out.
Our flight wasn't until later in the afternoon so we decided to walk around Monte Carlo and go down near the Casino and Yacht club by the water. The view was breath taking. And it was a perfect day to get ice cream too! I decided to wear my vintage sophieandtrey white skinny jeans with my sophieandtrey coral scalloped top and my fourthandocean stone necklace. We were sad to leave but we were excited to see what our next destination had in store!

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-Sophie & Trey white skinnies $49.99
-Sophie & Trey coral scalloped top $16.99
-4th & Ocean stone necklace $14.99

Our next stop was Berlin, Germany! We were only there for one day but thats all we needed to go sight-seeing and shopping! The shopping in Berlin was literally endless! There were so many shops and the streets seemed to be never-ending with more and more stores! I decided to go with a more comfortable outfit since I knew we would be walking around and be out the entire day. I cuffed my vintage fourthandocean white skinnies and wore my fourthandocean sleeveless striped crochet top with my sophieandtrey black ballet flats and my fourthandocean cardigan. The weather was nice but those cardigans are the perfect touch for a breezy day.

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-Seven Seas Striped Sweater $29.99
-4th & Ocean white skinnies $64.00
-Sophie & Trey studded black flats $24.99
-4th & Ocean cardigan $19.99

Similar look
-Bonfire Striped Sweater $29.99
-Sophie & Trey white skinnies $49.99

My sister and I were sad to be done with all of our traveling but we had an amazing time visiting all the cities. By the time we got back to Zurich, Switzerland it was dark and very chilly. So that cardigan definitely came in handy! We checked the weather for the next day and we were so excited that it was going to be sunny and warm--it would be the first day since I got there that it didn't rain! So the next day we decided to walk around and grab lunch at a cute pasta place where they serve the pasta in what looks like a chinese takeout box! Despite the weird serving style, the pasta was amazing. We then decided to walk around by the lake and on the bridge. Since it was so nice I wore my fourthandocean denim skinny jeans and my sophieandtrey razor back floral top with my vintage sophie flats.

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-Hobo Chic Black Tank $24.99
-4th & Ocean denim skinnies $64.00
-Sophie & Trey tan studded flats $24.99

Since it was so nice I decided to change into a more comfortable outfit before my sister and I went to sit by the lake near her apartment. Instead of jeans, I switched into my fourthanocean aztec pastel dress with my vintage 4th & Ocean crochet sweater since it was a little chilly by the lake. Despite the chilly wind, the lake was gorgeous and the view was definitely unforgettable.

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-Multi Color Chevron Dress $38.00
-4th & Ocean crochet flats $45.00
-Heathered Open Cardigan $22.99

It was heartbreaking to leave Zurich and my sister and it was sad to be finished with my traveling but I was excited to get home and share all my photos and stories with all my friends and family! This trip was definitely one to remember. So if you are ever planning on going traveling whether it's some place in florida, or even around the world, sophieandtrey and fourthandocean will have everything you need for any destination and climate!

               Stay classy!