Sticks & Stones

On a day like this I just want to throw on my yellow Black Orchids skinnies (S&T) paired with a solid Hurley tank (4th&Ocean) and be cozy. In order to bump my look from drab to fab I threw on the latest in stone statement jewelry from Sophie & Trey! Affordable with designer appeal these pieces are perfect for taking your ensemble to the next level! Whether it's a dress or jeans you can add a necklace ($16.99 pic below) or bracelet ($12.99 pic below) to your outfit and make a huge difference! An effortless and simple solution to maintain being chic on a rainy day.
Similar to the J.Crew necklaces that everyone is raging about on Pinterest, this gem of a necklace is only $16.99 and available in green, soft white, and turquoise & tangerine. The teal, beige & purple style varies a bit from the others but remains just as sophisticated and chic!!
This oversized layered, multi stone is a statement in itself! A must have for sure! It's clear and iridescent style is a perfect addition to any outfit! It will match pretty much everything and will be a conversation piece! Only $16.99!
Opt for one of these stone and gem bracelet for a pop of color and pizzazz! A focal point for any look. Create something around one of these! Only $12.99 at Sophie & Trey!!!

Make a statement!
Love, Dani