Talking Shop with Marie Claire & Alexis Maybank

Last night Rachel & I had the ULTIMATE pleasure of representing Sophie&Trey/4th&Ocean by attending the Marie Claire & Ruth's Chris Winter Park's Women in Business Event featuring an intimate convo with Gilt Groupe founder, Alexis Maybank. Marie Claire graciuosly offered an invitation for us to join them for this amazing night!

Rachel & I in our Sophie & Trey best (of course!) and dressed to impressed headed out to Ruth's Chris in order to be there promptly at 6pm. Upon arrival we signed in and received a name badge and got our picture taken then headed inside. Despite a few sprinkles and traffic the room was packed with business women. We were handed a glass of champagne and left to find our way in a crowd of confident, successful strangers. As we walked around I spotted a friend of mine, Andi Mans. We chatted and did some introductions with others only to spot another familiar face, Melanie Pace, a frequent S&T shopper plus amazing and well known stylist. As we mingled around the room getting to know other local business women we came across some of the ladies of the night, the Marie Claire team! These lovely ladies entertained us with a photo and some conversation where they allowed us to express our love for our jobs and share what Sophie&Trey is all about. They questioned us about the concept and feel of the stores and Rachel & I were on point with our answers. We in return discussed with them on Marie Claire and what they do getting some insight to the PR world. It was AWESOME! I'm pretty sure after that Rach & I were pretty much on cloud 9!

As the room settled and everyone took their seats we were anxious for Alexis Maybank to take over the room. She was captivating with each word, grabbing your attention. She graciously paced across the front of the room discussing how she started and grew her idea turned reality called Gilt Groupe.
It was fascinating to hear her story, receive her advice and be inspired! We left there feeling with a desire to improve the stores, grow them into something we have only dreamed and we felt empowered to do it!

At the end of the night all attendees received a copy of Alexis Maybank's new book, By Invitation Only. Alexis personally signed everyone's book! Rach & I jumped in line to meet her. She posed for a photo with each of us and wrote in our books! Individually writing something different for each person. She was kind, genuine and beautiful. As we were heading to leave we made sure to go back and say thank you to the ladies of Marie Claire and make a last impression. We expressed our gratitude for the invitation and the night as it we thoroughly enjoyed it. I handed them a business card and they gladly accepted followed by a guarantee that they would check our site out! It was the perfect way to end the night! As we walked out the door we were surprised to be handed an amazing Swag Bag filled with goodies! Rach & I calmly walked to the car maintaining our sophisticated manner only to explode with excitement when the car doors shut closing in our yelps and screams. Hahaha. It was a night to remember! We were honored to have the opportunity to go and represent the stores! Here are some pictures from the night!
Top Left : Rachel & I with Melanie Pace    Top Right: Alexis Maybank speaking    Bottom Right : Rach & I with Andi Mans
Rach & I with the lovely ladies of Marie Claire Magazine!!!
Meeting Alexis Maybank - She wrote "Danielle What great style!" AHHHHH!!! :)
Super Excited for our Swag Bags!!! Filled with copies of Marie Claire, a facial mask, a champagne stopper, business cards, nail polish, a Ruth's Chris gift card and mints! Plus our free copy of By Invitation Only!


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Love, Dani