Closet Clutter & Cleaning

SO much fun last night! Thanks to all who came out for the Long, Hot Summer Sale! We had a blast with you all! Pictures to come tomorrow ;)

Yesterday I gave you your summer staple items for your closet! I mentioned I had a huge closet clean out on Wednesday! It consisted of me, a trash bag, 3 closets and two cups of coffee! I realized I might have a problem. My name is Danielle and I am a shop-a-holic! lol ;) 
I finally had the time to take a day and get my closet functional. It's important to have a closet that you can see everything you have. When things are crammed in the corner and hard to see what you own it makes getting dressed a hassle! I suggest at the end of each season you go through and get rid of the things you don't wear. My Rule : If you haven't worn it in a year, you probably won't wear it in the next!  

Here's how I conquered my closet clutter! Don't's a mess. I know. :) lol Kind of embarrassing but 100% real. :) lol
Room #1 - I took over my brother's room at my parents which is now a walk in closet with a mattress! Hahaha!
Room #2 - The guest bedroom at my parents house closet is where most of my clothes are.
Room #3 - The back room at Matt's house where my stuff is and my closet there.

Tips & advice on closet cleaning.

* Make sure the clothes you keep are comfortable, fit, and are flattering.

*Take inventory & downsize. There's no reason to have 7 pairs of dark skinny jeans! Keep your favorite pair that are in good condition, fit perfectly and that are still current.

*Get slimline hangers to make the most of your space.

* Use boxes, dividers or shelving to stay organized and protect your things.

* Focus on what you wear most and keep those things visible & easily accessible.

* Know what you need. If you notice you have a ton of tanks but no blouses, keep that in mind so next time you shop you shop for something that's missing from your closet instead of adding to the masses.

* Keep track of what your looking for. I keep a running list on my notes in my iPhone.

Cleaned & organized! Shoes, pants, denim, scarves, accessories and more!

Clothes separated by tanks, tees, dresses, jackets, etc...

Take some time this weekend and do a closet clean out! Make sure you refer to yesterday's summer checklist as you rummage through your summer stuff! Organized and cleaning out clutter will make your mornings easier and refresh your closet!

Love, Dani