Go for the Gold

In lieu of the Opening Ceremonies I thought it was only appropriate to take the Olympic theme of gold medal winning to the always fabulous gold metal trends!

Gold is that eye catching metal that just screams "top of the line!".  Gold is ideal for those who like to feel glamorous, stylish and sophisticated. I love how gold just stands out and dresses up any look. It takes you to the next level even with the smallest pop. Summer is synonymous with tan, gold and copper colors. Gold in fall is warm, feminine and engaging. You can't go wrong with accessorizing in gold.

Now a days the trend is more about mixing metals. Have gold as your main focal pieces and accent with a rose gold bracelet next to that fabulous gold cuff or a silver ring mixed with gold accents.
The trend for gold accessories is subtle chic. No overly chunky and obnoxious pieces overtaking your arm. Layer simple designs, whether they are beaded, linked, or unique designs jewelry is fun to mix and layer. Create a gold mix arm party!

Gold bags and shoes can be treated as neutral staple items. Instead of nude heels grab your gold! Going out to lunch or cocktail hour grab your gold bag to take you from drab to fab!

{ Matte Bronze Bag S&T $34.99 }
{ Studded Gold Shoulder Bag S&T $45.00 }

 { Everyday Classic Gold Bag w/change bag $19.99 }

 { Gold Patent Patches Heel S&T $49.99 }

{ Pave Ball Bracelet S&T $18.99 }
{ Pyramid Gold Bracelet S&T $12.99 }
{ Sideways Cross Gold Bead Bracelet 4th&O $28.99 }
{ Anchor Bracelet 4th&O $45.00 }
{ Gold Cut Out Bangle 4th&O $16.99 }
{ Elephant Cut Gold Bracelet 4th&O $39.99 }

{Collar Necklace 4th&Ocean $14.99 }
{ Boomerang Gold Sparkle Choker S&T $29.99 }
{ Gold Nail Polish S&T $2.99 }

{ Nixon Watches at 4th&Ocean $225 & $175 }

{ Beaded belt 4th&Ocean $14.99 }
{ Gold Rhinestone belt S&T $19.99 }

Be like an Olympian and go for gold!!!
Love, Dani