Breaking Boring

I love it's fall and that doesn't mean you have to stop wearing color! This fun layered look is bold, beautiful and a head turner! Capture the hues of the biggest fall colors like these new striking deep magenta pants! Love the mix of pink and purple hues that make up these amazing fit denim skinnies. The sweater is a lively deep toned lime that I love love love! With everything mixing perfectly together with this fun and colorful scarf! Remember fall isn't about just dark deep tones, have some fun and play it up with the bold, rich colors of fall as well!

Blush & Chain Headband $12.99, Sophie&Trey*
Lively Deep Lime Cut Open Sweater $38.99, 4th&Ocean*
White Embellished Collar Blouse $34.99, ONLINE
Deep Magenta Skinnies $45.00, Sophie&Trey*
Brown Slouch Boots $34.99, 4th&Ocean*
Tan Bag with Leopard Insert Bag $39.99, Sophie&Trey*
Fall Colorful Scarf $14.99, 4th&Ocean*
Nixon Navy Tortoise Watch $150, 4th&Ocean*

*All Store Items Can Be Purchased By Phone or In-Store!
Sophie&Trey 407.324.5747
4th&Ocean 407.878.6656

Love, Dani