Vintage Luxe

Mixing textures can be so much fun and give an easily dramatic look! This woven tweed dress is the perfect mix of vintage and luxe paired with these amazing shimmer heels! A statement of glam and luxury this look can't be beat! 

Woven Dress $34.99 Sophie&Trey*
Shimmer Heels $39.99 Sophie&Trey*
Mint & Coral Ring $12.99 Sophie&Trey*
Rose Gold Rhinestone Headband $12.99 Sophie&Trey*
Simple Gold Layer Necklace $14.99 Sophie&Trey*
Chanel inspired "Love" Bracelet in gold $19.99 Sophie&Trey*
Rose Gold Nail Bracelet $19.99 Sophie&Trey*
White Lace Clutch $29.99 Sophie&Trey*

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Love, Dani