Wanelo Contest: How To Enter!

From now till Sunday you can enter our WANELO contest for a chance to win your dream dress from Sophie & Trey!

1. Create a Wanelo account if you don't already have one! www.wanelo.com

2. Go to our stores page & start following us! http://wanelo.com/store/sophieandtrey.com

3. Then head to www.sophieandtrey.com and find your favorite products! Copy their URL's & go back to Wanelo to "save" the product under your Sophie&Trey collection! [save button is located at top right  of the screen as "Post +"]

You can hashtag #sophieandtrey in your description of the item :)

Keep saving your favorite products to your Sophie&Trey collection, then email us a link to your collection at SophieandTreyinfo@gmail.com! We can't wait to see your favorite things!

Contest ends Sunday at 5PM :)