Comfy Cardi

There is nothing better on a cool brisk morning than reaching for a "Comfy Cardigan" to keep you nice and toasty. Styling your favorite cardigan overtop of a flannel will have you looking cute and cozy!

Rach's Outfit:
Flannel- vintage 4th&Ocean (similar)
Cardigan- vintage Tria 
Scarf- vintage 4th&Ocean (similar)
Black Orchid Jeans- Tria
Cutout Booties- vintage S&T
Clutch- vintage S&T (similar)

Sho's outfit:
Flannel: vintage 4th&Ocean (similar)
Cardigan: vintage S&T (similar)
Bag: Tria 
Boots: vintage 
Socks: 4th&Ocean (similar)
Leather Leggings: vintage S&T (similar
Hat: S&T (similar)