Let's Blog Some S***

Welcome to the first blog post of S&T ouRSociety!!!
We are so excited and thought this day would never come. We have been talking about starting our own blog for a while now and after years of reading and admiring other bloggers we thought what better way to start the year than creating one ourself. With so many ideas and outfits to photograph we decided to begin to record them as we go through our day by day routine. Follow us as we create this journey making memories with each outfit; combining our new and vintage pieces from our archives of Sophie and Trey while allowing you to witness it every step of the way. We hope you enjoy what you see and hope you'll stay tuned for the rest of our fabulous yet wearable looks,
now "Lets Blog Some Sh*t!" 

Rach & Sho's "Let's Blog Some S*** sweatshirt:


Rachel's Outfit:

Billabong Lite Hearted-Tropic Denim Shorts (available at 4th&Ocean)
Vintage S&T Wedges
Vintage S&T Necklace
Vintage Tria Satchel 

Shoshanna's Outfit:

Boyfriend Jeans (available at S&T)
Flannel (available at fourth)
Vintage S&T Wedges
Vintage 4th&Ocean Headband
Nixon Watch (available at 4th&Ocean)
Oversized Studded Bag (Available at Tria in gray and black)
Headphones- Frends