Day 'N Nite: One Romper, Two Ways

Surely you've left the house wearing one thing-say, work clothes or a brunch-appropriate ensemble and unexpectedly ended up having a spontaneous night out. It's easy to feel silly when you're stuck wearing a day outfit to drinks, but with a few slight changes, you can update any look to a more evening-friendly version. Making a simple dress or romper work for both day and night can sometimes seem like a challenge, but it's all in the way you accessorize and style it. This Saturday I knew had a full day followed by one holiday party and one birthday party later that night! With so little time between work and play, I'll give you a few tips of how I wore one romper and made for an easy evening transition! 

My day and night looks were both based around the scallop edge open back romper from Sophie & Trey for only $39.99! It is in one of this seasons trendiest colors, persimmon(combination of orange and tomato).The romper ended up being a great choice for the day, and having more than one look for the pieces in your closet will help keep fashion affordable!

Below is a picture of my day look!
SHOES: Shoes play a big part of an outfit! I kept the romper casually cool with my favorite cowgirl boots from 4th & Ocean! They are so comfy and perfect for a busy schedule, but I still always feel chic in my flat boots! 

JEWELRY: I love a pop of turquoise with just about anything! I am especially loving it with the persimmon color. Natural stones, such as turquoise, are a great day time choice to accessorize with. It looks fashionable and trendy, but isn't to much! I also had my wrist flare on! I pretty much live in my wrist flare during the day, how else would I stay on schedule without my fabulous watch from S&T?! 

BEAUTY: Hair and make-up is an easy way to quickly change your look! I kept my hair straight and down during the day and did a natural looking smokey eye with a nude lip gloss.

As my busy day schedule was winding down it was time to freshen up and get to the first party! The first party was The Annual Paone Christmas Party! It is a tradition every year, and we were so excited to bring Baby Kenny for the first time! 

Below is a picture of my night look! Color blocking is all the rage so I went with the trend and my night look was based around persimmon and pink!
SHOES: A pair of heels will exude elegance, sexiness, sophistication and femininity. If you usually wear flats, wearing a pair of high heels will send a message of being 'dressed up'. I went with the new 'YSL' heel at Sophie & Trey that are only $29.99 and available in lime, pink, and black.

JEWELRY: In the evenings it's okay to be more shiny and especially if you're wearing a simple dress or romper. Choose a pair of bigger earrings or a necklace that sparkles. I chose the hot pink chandelier earrings that matched the pink shoes, and I switched my turquoise necklace out for a more elegant long gold necklace. 

BEAUTY: I pulled my hair into a bun, which really made the chandelier earrings pop! I made my make up more dramatic by darkening the smokey eye and adding black eyeliner. I also added blush and a little extra lip gloss on my lips.

After we had an amazing time at the Christmas party, it was off to the next party! The next party was a 50th Birthday Party! The birthday girl was Tammi! Tammi is my parents neighbor, I grew up with Tammi being like a second mom. Her daughter, Katy, has been one of my best friends since I was 6!

Pictured above is my mom, Linda(left) and Tammi(right)!
Linda and Tammi are both wearing head to toe Sophie & Trey/4th&Ocean and looking fabulous! Can you even believe Tammi turned 50?! She is rocking the high waisted pant trend and I LOVE IT!

Everyone was looking fabulous in there Sophie & Trey/4th&Ocean outfits!
Pictured above is Dani's mom, Denise(left), Marisol(middle), and Katy(left)
Denise got her new skinny jeans and sweater at 4th&Ocean last Thursday at our Holiday Soiree Party! Marisol, who is one of our fabulous photographers, is wearing a fierce mix of 4th&Ocean and Sophie & Trey! Katy is looking effortlessly chic in her Sophie & Trey champagne color fringe top and fringe gold necklace!

Baby Kenny was having a blast Saturday night and looking cute as ever in his red sweater!

Happy 50th Birthday Tammi! We had a blast celebrating with you Saturday night!

I hope my tips help you go from day to night with ease while looking your best! Life can get so busy so quick, sometimes simplifying it by wearing the same thing and adjusting accessories can be a great option! The Holiday season is in full swing right now, so if you need help with any Holiday outfits remember we're here to help! :)

This week I am so excited for the Food Truck's coming to Lake Mary. If you haven't heard about it yet check out yesterdays post to find out all about it!  Kenny, BK, and I will be there Thursday. I'll let you know what interesting food we try!