Valentines in Style

Hey dolls! Sorry about yesterday's post, we were having some technical difficulties! :) Hope you all had a fabulous Valentines and were wined and dined or wined and dined yourself with your friends! I had a nice night! Nothing too crazy. I love Valentines. It's just nice to see everyone appreciate each other but also doing it because they want and not just because it's "Valentines Day". 

I know the store was pretty busy helping you all find the perfect looks for your Valentine plans! It was so fun chatting with you all and hearing about your plans! We love finding "the one" outfit that is just right to set off those plans!

The Valentines look I was going for was I wanted something casual but a dress, fun and a little flirty. Nothing tight or overly sexy. So what I decided to wear was the bright pink seamless tank dress with the lace 3/4 sleeve top over it. I then accessorized with the NEW and bold multi-colored clutch that perfectly tied the two together! I wore the brown closed toed pumps that I love! Added a pair of pink and orange earrings to pop the look off! It was awesome! I loved it. I felt sexy, sophisticated but I was super comfortable.

Loving this look! My man said I looked very nice and he liked :) I could seriously live in slip dresses! We have new colors in like this pink one and for only $19.99 you can get so much use out of them! I sleep in them, wear them under dresses, as a dress, make it look like a skirt...the possibilities are endless with them! Even though they are comfy they are form fitting. They fit and form to your body shape making them perfect for everyone! The lace top for only $29.99 just made the look soft and sexy! I felt so feminine! The clutch...what can I say!! LOVE!!! All the colors of spring and summer are wrapped up in this one clutch! It's larger than a normal clutch so I can fit everything I would in my normal purse in here but this is so much more fun and different! The clutch is $49.99 but worth every penny! It's more like a bag really but without the heavy look of one!

We had a nice homemade Kobe's night at home by candlelight, sipped on wine and then followed dinner with homemade cheesecake, yes homemade cheescake, topped with strawberries! It was delicious! I have to give myself props! ;) lol And yes I really did make all that food for just us two, except I did order the noodles and rice ;) lol

While I love Valentines and the idea of the day I'm not super huge on Valentines - well I guess I've never really been in a relationship on Valentines. Funny how that works? Guys always get out of being involved on this holiday ;) lol We had said no presents but got each other a card. He put in a Yogurtland gift card for me ;) My fave! If you are my friend on instagram or facebook you know how much I love that place! lol

Send me your Love Day Looks! I want to see how you styled out for a picture to me at! Maybe you'll be featured on the blog! Remember if you ever have an event or something coming up that you need a certain look for whether it's prom (for prom options CLICK HERE), a themed party, a wedding, a date night, or just happy hour with friends we always have NEW stuff coming in and love helping you find the right outfit for you!!!!! We LOVE helping you and getting to know you! So stop in this week and see what's new and let us help you find something that will make you smile for your weekend!!!

Also lady friends don't forget about the CHIC WEEK CHALLENGE!!!! ONLY 2 more weeks in February!! Such a fun way to experience with things in your closet that you have from S&T/4th & Ocean plus you'll get a prize and possibly a $100 gift card to the stores!!!

Happy Wednesday!!! Make the most of it and continue to LOVE one another!

Love, Dani