Chic Week Winner

It's Wednesday dolls! Hope your day is off to a good start! We are anxiously awaiting tomorrow night's event...The Spring Showcase! Can't wait! Lots of prepping going on at the stores...from model fittings, to going over music with the DJ - who by the way looks identical to Orlando Bloom (a reason in its self to come out tomorrow night, to stare at his beautiful face ;)!!! No really. He's great to look at. lol (Hope his wife isn't reading this) Hahaha. Plus steaming, tagging, and getting all the racks of fabulous clothes together to be put on the floor!

Just a few key points to go over about tomorrow's event....
Live Models
Live (Orlando Bloom) DJ ;)
FREE drinks...YES FREE!!!!!
HUNDREDS of NEW styles!!!! Literally. I saw them.
Starts at 7pm and ends at 9pm!!!
It's Rock N Roll themed!!! How great is that?!?

Now for the contest results....I want to send a BIG thank you to all the lovely and fashionable ladies that participated in our Chic Week Photo Challenge! We absolutely loved all the looks and it was hard to decide! You all are so fabulous and put together some amazing outfits! I can not stress enough on how awesome all the outfits were! I have emailed you all and you all can come by Sophie and Trey to pick up your gift from us for all your love and support! Thanks again!

Though you all are winners in my mind and all get a gift from us! We picked the overall week that had the most trendy, chic, sophisticated and fashionable week of looks. So I am pleased to announce the.....


Rachel Sowers!!!

 Here are the 7 looks of her week!

Mix of Sophie & Trey (shorts/top) and 4th & ocean (love the sandals that we had just got in the end of Jan plus the initial necklace)

Mix of Sophie & Trey (romper/necklace/belt) and 4th & Ocean (boots)

All Sophie & Trey (Love how she did the STRIPES & SOLID just like in one of our previous blogs! Absolutely drooling over this!!!!!! The wedges, white jeans, coral tank and the nautical jacket!!! This is my fave of the week!

All Sophie & Trey! Love the colorblocking of the top and skirt. Then how she broke it up by incorporating a long charm necklace. Plus the design of the wedge to bring in some color and uniqueness to the look! Plus the hat just puts it over the top! Love it1

All Sophie & Trey except the 4th & Ocean necklace. Love this lace layered cropped top with sheer sleeve. Super sophisticated yet simple and stylish! She adds some edge with the shoes! Love, but brings it back to the work level by combining the two with the bell black pants!

All Sophie & Trey (love the mix of patterns here with the skulls and snakeskin!) Great job Rach!

All Sophie & Trey (Love the bold and brightness of this dress paired with the new coral wedges!) Obsessed!

Thanks Rachel for sharing your stylish week with us! 

I love how her style is all over the board! Nothing confines this girl! She is confident and wears what she loves and what looks good on her! She isn't afraid to try anything! I love it! Her looks were so put together, but not assembled. They appeared effortless and uncomplicated, not to mention they all looked amazing and voguish! She went from casual to work to play to classy to fun!

Be on the look out for another challenge and your chance to win! Keep up to date with the blog and make sure next time you give it a try!

See you all tomorrow night at 7pm! Happy Wednesday!!

Love, Dani