FASHIONABLE FEBRUARY: 29 days of Sophie & Trey

Hey dolls! Happy Tuesday! Looking forward and getting SO excited for Thursday nights Spring Showcase! It will be a night to remember! I can't wait!!!! Racks upon racks of new stuff on the floor PLUS a DJ, live models, FREE drinks and great company! Definitely don't miss it! Be there at 7pm ;)

Well some of you know we did the FEBRUARY PHOTO CHALLENGE. I challenged you all to wear Sophie&Trey/4th & Ocean for 7 days straight! Every participant will receive a prize and the most fashionable chic week lady will win a $100 gift card that's good at both stores!!! I have received your pics (don't worry if your face was in the pics I cropped them ;) lol) and the participants and overall winner will be announced TOMORROW, WED the 7th! You can then pick up your prizes/gift card at Sophie & Trey anytime Wednesday or Thursday!

As I challenged you I challenged myself! I decided to go the entire month of February ONLY wearing Sophie & Trey and 4th & Ocean and document with pictures my month of looks! It was funny while I was doing it I learned my go to pieces and what I wear most often. It also made me pull some of my awesome vintage S&T pieces that I sometimes forget about! It was fun to document what I wore the whole month!

My 29 days of STYLE!

I used the PROJECT 365 APP on my iPhone...Looks like this.
The goal is too take a picture every day for the year ;)
Since it's only 365 it didn't add that this year was a Leap Year and there was no spot in the calendar above....Here was my outfit to close out February!!!!!

My Looks Broken Down...

Feb 1st at Work - Sophie & Trey (tank, pants, sandals) 
Feb 2nd a Day off - Sophie & Trey (tank/shorts), 4th & O (boots)
Feb 3rd (In the bathroom at Michael's lol) Sophie & Trey (tank, necklace, pants, flats)
Feb 4th at work - Sophie & Trey (top, skirt, flats)

 Feb 5th Superbowl Sunday - 4th & O (sweater/boots). Sophie & Trey (earrings/bag/necklace/slip dress)
Feb 6h at work -Sophie & Trey (dress/LOVE necklace/sandals)
Feb 7th worked - Sophie & Trey (dress/necklace/heels)
Feb 8th worked again - 4th & Ocean (dress/boots/necklace)
 Feb 9th our Valentine's Party - Sophie & Trey (dress/heels), 4th & O (headband)
Feb 10th worked - Sophie & Trey (dress), 4th & O (cardigan/boots/necklace)
Feb 11th worked - Sophie & Trey (jeans/flats), 4th & Ocean (thin sweater)
Feb 12 Grammy Sunday - Sophie & Trey (jeans/flats), 4th & Ocean (jacket/shirt -underneath)

 Feb 13th - Sophie & Trey (jeans), 4th & Ocean (shirt/boots)
Feb 14th work and Valentine's dinner date - 
Day Look - Sophie & Trey (open cardigan), 4th & Ocean (dress/boots/knee highs)
Night Look - Sophie & Trey (lace top/slip dress/heels/clutch)
 Feb 15th - Sophie & Trey (sweater/shorts/flats)
Feb 16th - Sophie & Trey (dress), 4th & Ocean (flats/necklace)
 Feb 17th working girl - Sophie & Trey (blazer/tank/skirt/sandals/necklace)
Feb 18th night out - Sophie & Trey (dress/heels)
Feb 19th - Sophie & Trey (shorts/sunglasses). 4th & Ocean (shirt/shoes)
Feb 20th - Sophie & Trey (slip dress/skirt/flats/necklace)
 Feb 21st working - Sophie & Trey (Black Orchid jeans), 4th & Ocean (sweater/shirt/boots/necklace) 
Feb 22 - Sophie & Trey (top/shorts), 4th & Ocean (shoes) 
Feb 23rd Model Casting - Sophie & Trey (romper/necklace/heels)
Feb 24th - Sophie & Trey (necklace/slip dress/flats), 4th & Ocean (open shirt)

Feb 25th - Sophie & Trey (maxi)
Feb 26th Food Trucks - Sophie & Trey (jeans), 4th & Ocean (hoodie/boots)
Feb 27th - Sophie & Trey (tank/blazer/skirt/heels/necklace)
Feb 28th - Sophie & Trey (shirt/jeans/flats)
Feb 29th!!!! - Sophie & Trey (slip dress/top/necklace/flats)

I really had a great time picking out outfits! It's fun seeing what you wore in a whole month! It also forced me to get ready everyday.....well most days ;) I noticed that I really love my flats from the stores! lol I should wear heels more! lol It's definitely interesting seeing the outfits you put together over 29 days and how you can completely see how your style changes and evolves throughout each day!!!

Sophie & Trey and 4th & Ocean are two amazing stores! I love shopping at BOTH! My closet is so eclectic and versital that my looks can vary and be so unique and chic! I love mixing and matching from the two stores! They compliment each other so well by having two separate feels that can fit together in one look! Don't get stuck into just being a Sophie & Trey girl make sure you stop and shop at 4th & Ocean too! There's fabulous finds at both! Take the challenge to get inspired and mix up your closet! Next time you shop at one of the stores, stop by the other and see what you're missing!

Love, Dani