NY Street Stylish

Happy Wednesday dolls! In case you missed yesterday's blog you MUST check it out and see what's NEW to 4th & Ocean - CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FAB NEW NIXON NOW AVAILABLE!

To complete my New York Fashion Weekend looks I had to bring out my colored denim and mixed prints! I'm so happy I decided to bring my light blue Black Orchid colored denim from Sophie & Trey! Colored denim was the top trend I saw dominating the streets of NYC. Yellow being #1 followed by blue, red and pink.

I paired these amazingly comfy and booty boosting colored denim with a solid purple Hurley tee from 4th & O ($14.99). I then wore a white and gold chain necklace from 4th & O and my vintage black jacket from S&T.

My dad went on a craze for Converse! So funny! It was 11:30pm on Friday night after Broadway that he HAD to have a pair of Converse! Everyone in NYC was wearing them! So funny since I wore them as a kid and they were not the "cool thing" and now 20 years later they are. Hahaha (those of you born in the late 70's/early 80's get what I'm saying) So anyways he bought my mom, my brother and me pairs! We all got to pick them out! So I went for purple to color block my look! lol
Have to throw in a picture of the WTC's being built still! The NYC skyline is looking pretty good! It's always a must see when you head to the big city to remember 9/11.
Subway Chic and Stylish
If you ever go to NYC make it to Death & Co.! Look it up! It's an amazingly cool little place! They are known for their drinks (you have to be 21 to get in) plus they're food is amazing!!!! Melt in your mouth good! They have small plates and it's a bit pricey but totally worth it! The food was the best! The drinks were pretty stellar too!

For the last day I decided to go with another popular trend, mixed prints. I wore my striped maxi dress from 4th & Ocean (that is still in the store I don't know why because it's amazing!!) and then I threw on my summer leopard scarf from www.sophieandtrey.com. I love this scarf!

I'm seeing more and more of mixed prints. Especially an animal print with stripes. There's so much you can do with stripes by mixing a floral, animal or abstract print. Just make sure the colors in the prints compliment and don't clash.

This chick on the subway brighten up the whole train. I loved the colors she had going on. This isn't the greatest picture but her coat was a pretty chartreuse color! Her tights were a floral pattern that soften the look. Her bag was a bolder, bigger floral design. It was very edgy but it worked. Something you would see in a NY magazine or runway. I didn't want to be obvious but wish I had a picture of her standing up.
Just for another layer since it was a bit breezy I had brought my always trusty cardigan from 4th & Ocean. They are lightweight and come in every color!!! Must have one of these in your closet! They fit great in your purse or bag for that extra thin layer at the movies, class or just when the sun goes down.
Headed to the airport. I wore my gold sideways cross necklace just about everyday! It's so simple yet gives you that little something.

Just love this mixed print combo! (And these gummies are the best ever! Got them in Grand Central for my plane ride home!)

And that is how S&T/4th & Ocean kept me NYC street and city chic! Great tips and trends were found in New York.....colored denim, mixed prints, Lilly Pulitzer, ballet flats, cigarette loafers, pops of color with solid looks and always being true to who you are!

Try one of these trends and let us help you find one that's right for you! Come in and stop by the stores or if you don't have time shop online at www.sophieandtrey.com or www.fourthandocean.com!! The online stores are getting a makeover!! LOOK OUT for new fun and fully accessorized looks! You will LOVE these pictures! Trust me. We did our website shoot last night and had a blast!!! Plus you will see me smiling and laughing through each of these photos! A reason all it's own to check out the online website stores!!!! ;)

Happy Wednesday!!! Can't wait for tomorrow's blog where you will meet the amazing and stylish Kelly!! She is back for the summer from school and back in the stores so you will probably recognize her PLUS doing an internship with us and will be blogging once or twice a week!!!

Have a great day loves! XOXO
Love, Dani