How To: Sunday Sock Bun Recap

Happy Sunday Loves!
 I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend so far! As many of you know, all of us at the stores have been wearing our sock buns religiously lately! Not only is the bun cute and looks more put together than a sloppy bun thrown up on the top of your head; but it is also really easy and the perfect solution to the mornings when you are in a rush or just having a bad hair day!
We first saw the sock bun when Rachel tried it and Ryan posted it in, Be Inspired To Give Yourself A New Look! Thanks to Rachel, I've found my new go-to look! 
For those of you still trying to figure out this whole sock bun thing, here is a quick recap on the bun.

What you'll need:
1. One Sock(Must have a tube at the ankle)
2. Scissors
3. Hair Tie
4. Bobby Pins(If you have layers, to pin back fly aways)
5. Hair Spray

The first thing you'll have to do is cut the tube part of the sock off. The tube part is the part you will be using (the side with the champion sign in the picture above)! 
After you have your sock cut you're ready to go!

Next put your hair up into a ponytail. Wherever you put your ponytail is where the bun will be! I like my bun high and big, so I put my ponytail high on my head!

Next you are going to put the tip of your ponytail through the sock. You then fold the hair outwards around the circle(like a fountain), and you continue to roll the hair down outwards around the sock...

As you continue to roll the hair down around the tube sock, the bun will continue to get thicker and start to look like a bun!

When you get to the bottom all the hair should be tucked in the bun, and if any fly aways didn't make it just tuck them into the hair tie! This is when you can use a little hair spray to make it look more polished!

....and WAA LAA! You've got a suck bun! 
So easy and fun! Good luck trying this fun trend and if you can't quit get it, bring your sock in to the stores and we'll help you out;)

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Have a nice and relaxing Sunday!