Prepping Pretty

Hey dolls! I'm SO excited for tonight! All the prepping and running around always pays off on event day!! Yesterday was my day off and with that there is never reallllly a day off ;) lol Especially when there's TWO exciting events happening! If you are reading this while drinking your morning cup of joe turn your TV to FOX NEWS and catch me sporting Sophie&Trey (of course!) for their White Style session promoting Friday Night's event - the GUYS WITH TIES PRE-WHITE PARTY FASHION SHOW! And just to be clear you DO NOT wear white to this event, this is a fashion show to showcase local boutiques and white styles you can wear to the July White Party event! There were major errands to run yesterday in my attempts to get ready and be prepared for the Anniversary Party and the Fashion Show

First up was the FOX NEWS segment!
 LEFT: Me and the fabulous Kristie! A stylish customer, friend and all around awesome girl! 
TOP RIGHT: The handsome & sexy men from Guys With Ties ;) Eye Candy Friday Night ladies! lol 
BOTTOM RIGHT: Well known and amazing stylist, Melanie Pace along with Founder of Guys With Ties promoting the event!
My amazing dress! Only ONE OF MANY looks that will be hitting the runway!!! This will be featured in the show but with a completely different and WOW factor appeal!
The whole crew - Fox News, Melanie Pace, Guys With Ties and the models! (Us obviously looking top notch! ;) lol)
I know I put the picture of the Guys With Ties men twice but ya can never see sexy men enough. Happy Thursday. ;) lol

Next was off to get my nails did! I headed off to Hair Systems where our S&T Socialite of the month, Kim hooked me up with a sweet manicure! My first (of many) shellac manicure I must say! I love love love them! I went with a pearl white (only because of the anniversary party, fashion show and I love it for the 4th) with a glam of sparkle! I know kinda boring but I also glammed it up with some rhinestone!!!! WHAT!!! Yeah. Next time it's bold summer colors and maybe an animal print accent nail!!! Excited! It was my first time to Hair Systems but I definitely had a blast with these ladies!!! 
 Love this place! Hair Systems is a full service salon! From hair to skin to nails they have you covered!! I will definitely be back!
 Two amazing women, loyal customers and friends! Kim (left) and Carol (right)!!! Kim will do your nails right while Carol will give you a look you'll love!!! What a team! I have to throw props to Megan who put on my perfectly edgy, glam rhinestones! I can't wait for her to do a leopard design next time!
 SO many amazing products!!! Two of my faves, Redken and Essie nail polish!!! 
Kim also hooked me up with other routine favorites of mine, MoroccanOil (which was featured in my "Tips to Grow It Out" blog!) and Awapuhi (by Paul Mitchell)!!!
SO excited about my mani! Can't wait to sport them around for the Anniversary Party and Fashion Show!! I feel like a woman again!!!!!! lol Seriously tho. Nothing like a good manicure

After my fun and relaxing time at Hair Systems I head to Costco for the blueberries and raspberries! Then off to Total Wine to ensure enough champagne for the troops at tonight's Anniversary Party!!! :) Don't worry I got a case! lol  Champagne for everyone tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Major last stop in my day to get ready was of course a spray tan!!! I stopped by to get my glow from my main girl, Marie, at Glow Skin and Body Spa in Dwtn Lake Mary. Kristin (not pictured cause she hadn't been sprayed yet so come see her TONIGHT to see her tan!!!) , Marty (above with me; another VIP socialite, friend and stylish chic) and I all met up for spray tans together! I mean come on...wearing a white dress you have to be tan! ;) lol Plus it just makes you feel good! lol When you look good you feel good! So since I pampered myself with an amazing manicure I went one step further to glamour myself for the events this weekend! (Plus my 10 year high school reunion is Saturday! lol I just realized that!) 

Anyways! Only 10 minutes later I got my glow back! I love spray tans! Marie is the best! She custom spray each individual with a HEATING spray tan machine! Yes. No more shivering while getting sprayed you are more than comfortable and relaxed! It's THE BEST! 
I finished my day off by stopping over at Delano with Marty for a glass of vino and a half of flatbread!! It was the PERFECT way to end a busy day of running around! 
I love my job! And all of you! I can't wait to celebrate with you all tonight! 3 years!! OMG! Can't believe it! I have only been apart of the past 2 but have seen the growth, hard work, loyal customers and potential of the store! I love seeing your faces and help you all to find your style and perfect looks for different occasions or just because you want to splurge on yourselves!! Which we all deserve!!! 
Hope to see you all TONIGHT!!!! 7pm - 9pm!!! I'll be floating between both stores taking photos, serving champagne and catching up with you!!! Thank you SO SO SO much for all your love, support, referrals and encouragement over the past 3 years!! We look forward to the years to come with you all!!! Who knows what will happen in the next 3 year..... ;)


Love, Dani