Quotes and Casting

TGIF dolls! Rihanna said it best..."Cheers to the freakin weekend!" lol Any exciting plans? If you're looking for some ideas go check out Monday's blog - 50 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas for some things to try this wkend! I'm looking forward to a low key night with friends, the farmer's market tomorrow and a friend of mine's bday celebration then to close out the weekend with a quiet Sunday hanging out with my man. This week has felt extra long so I am definitely excited it's Friday. If some of you had a hard week or just exhausted from a rough work week here's a few words to live by, an idea for your closet and a special announcement!

Helpful Hint : A bundle of chalk hung in a closet will absorb extra moisture and keep clothes fresh and dry!


Do YOU have what it takes to be S&T next top model???? PROVE IT. 
SO excited for the Spring Showcase which is March 8th 7pm - 9pm! It will be a night to remember and one that will go down in S&T history! It is an event that has never been done like this! ;) So many surprises! We will have FREE drinks, a live DJ, and TONS of NEW styles put out on racks on racks on racks for just those 2 hours!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!! lol So WEAR HEELS and bring yourself to Sophie and Trey FEB 23rd at 7:30pm sharp and see if you have what it takes!!!!

Don't forget about the CHIC WEEK CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!! Only a week and a half till it's over! Win a prize and possibly $100 gift card!!!! CLICK HERE NOW FOR DETAILS!!!!!!!!!

Look forward to seeing all my lovely ladies at the try outs next week! Have a fun Friday night and I'll see ya on tomorrow ;)

Love, Dani